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Call to Subscribe

When you subscribe….

You help us to connect Jews to the joy of Shabbat Hospitality.

You help us to revitalize one of the most beautiful practices in Judaism that was diminished by persecutions and intolerance.

You help Jews who no longer live in Jewish neighborhoods to discover they can provide Shabbat hospitality wherever they live.

You help us to open the doors of our homes and to share our tradition with Jews and friends of any or no faith.

You help restore the joyful melodies of the Sabbath table and add new ones to our ancient repertoire.

You help preserve the value of face time and engaging conversation in a new world that addicts us to screens.

You help us to honor the households of Jews all over Seattle regardless of their practice or their knowledge, but because they are willing to share their table.

Panim Hadashot-New Faces invites you to make an annual tax deductible subscription to support our effort to renew the tradition of Shabbat Hospitality. Your subscription gives Panim Hadashot the foundation to continue our programs month after month.

Consider a monthly contribution:

All Annual Subscribers Receive the Following Benefits:

  1. Rabbinic support from Rabbi Dov Gartenberg including supervision of life cycle events and conversion to Judaism, counsel, counseling, supervision, and availability in case of emergency.
  2. Two free copies of our Shabbat Songster and Blessing Book to enjoy at your Shabbat table.

All subscriptions are continuous on a monthly basis.  You will receive a confirmation of your subscription by email.  You may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting Dov Gartenberg directly at  Your subscription to Panim Hadashot-New Faces is also tax deductible.